Harbor tug RB-20 and RB-27 joined the Navy


The latest support vessels — harbor tug RB-20 and RB-27 Project 90600 officially became part of the Navy of Russia. In Kronstadt Flag-raising ceremony of the auxiliary fleet of the Navy on both tugs.

The ships were built at the Leningrad shipyard "Pella" in the Leningrad naval base of the Baltic Fleet as part of a large series of tugs 90600 project commissioned by the Ministry of Defence to replace outdated morally and technically tugs built 70-80-ies of the last century. Suffice it to mention the fact that the last new tug was admitted to the auxiliary fleet LenVMB 27 years ago. This explains high spirits of the commemorative meeting held at the Central Pier Peter Kronstadt harbor.

He opened the meeting LenVMB commander captain Oleg Zhuravlev, who said in his brief introduction: "Today joyful day — the birthday of two new vessels base! Our support fleet has not been updated for a long time, now replaced by new modern ships!"

The next speaker was the Deputy Director General of LSZ "Pella" Igor Schebetyuk — "Incoming today in order azimuthal tugs — the 10th and 11th ships of this project built," Pella "for the Navy and the second and third of the Baltic Fleet. Our plant is ready and further build orders for the military. Successful execution of tasks to you, seafarers ".

The head of the district administration of Kronstadt Goroshko Alexander said: "I, as a former military sailors are very pleased that our support fleet base was enlarged with two powerful tugs. Incidentally, this 24 jobs. Am sure that the crews of tugs will be a lot of work and it's good!"

Deputy commander LenVMB-chief of logistics base captain Dmitry Ukrainian Navy Commander read the order number 173 dated 23.04.2012 for inclusion harbor tug RB-20 and RB-27 in the Baltic Fleet. Captain 1st Rank Oleg Zhuravlev handed the captain RB-20 Sergey Kondratyev and his colleague — Captain RB-27 Yuri Akenteva flags auxiliary fleet of the Russian Navy.

The abbot of Kronstadt Naval Cathedral father Svyatoslav consecrated flags of ships and captains presented the icon with the image of St. Nicholas — the patron saint of seafarers.

Under the national anthem at both tugs solemnly raised their flags.

Then both tug at the same time moved away from the pier and on the roads of Middle Harbour demonstrated its unique capabilities, precision and synchronicity of the joint maneuvers causing applause participants and guests of the ceremony.

As the correspondent TSVMP senior engineer of the port support vessels Lomonosov Alexei Volchenkov, tugs almost completely ready to perform assigned tasks. "Today, both vessels pass the task, these" dancing "on the water — also an element of coursework tasks. Guess, the score will not lower than" good. "Crews well-prepared. Just recently, the two vessels involved in a complex operation to ensure the transport of" Yamal " arrived in St. Petersburg. "

RB-20 (serial number 929) and RB-27 (serial number # 930) laid down at the boathouse of "Leningrad Shipyard" Pella "and launched in 2011. Reception acts signed on 18 November 2011 and 23 December 2011 .

Both vessels were a part of the 131st base complex to the force BF based at Lomonosov.

Brief specifications azimuth tugboats project 90600: Displacement — 415 tons length — 25.4 meters Beam — 8.8 meters Depth — 4.66 meters Draught — 4.2 meters Speed — 11.8 knots Engine power — 2 through 1014 kW Screw and steering system — 2 rudderpropellers Rolls-Royce

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