Hawaii found a strange cluster of distant galaxies




Astronomers are not seriously taken aback by a remote cluster of galaxies, which seem to line up, stretched out on the universe. Unusual picture captures a telescope "Subaru" in Hawaii. Astronomers suspect that the cosmic "order" may in some way be related to the way in which encountered a cluster of galaxies.

Most of the galaxies in space belongs to some congestion, and these clusters in turn themselves form a cluster. Snapshot "Subaru" showed the central part of the cluster of galaxies located about 7 billion light-years away. In this region distinguishable hundreds of galaxies, and consequently, their density is greater than that of the space where we are. This has given astronomers a reason to believe that they are observing in the process of accumulation by collecting galaxy clusters in chain-like structure and the transformation into a larger system.

In the picture also shows a large number of blue galaxies whose light gravity deflects the nearest cluster. By analyzing these distorted images, astronomers will be able to establish in detail the distribution of mass in the cluster, and it is possible to find out what caused the galaxy to line up in such a strange way.

Battery News, 25/02/2004 11:25
Source: izv.info

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