Hawaii practically abandoned plastic

Hawaii practically abandoned plastic save the planet

Soon, customers in Hawaii will not appear on the choice between plastic and paper packaging. This will be the first state in the U.S., where the ban the use of plastic bags. On the Big Island decision was approved in December 2011. Now, all of the staff will observe the described rule designed to help nature.

Islanders will be obliged to go to the grocery stores and other Hawaiian cities and towns with reusable bags. Paper bags are also widely available, as they are biodegradable. However, for some purposes, plastic bags still allowed: the wrapping of frozen products requiring moisture retention to protect finished baking and other products for the packaging clean laundry in hotels, the sale of fish and insects in pet stores. Do not give up plastic bags for transporting corrosive chemicals in retail stores, at the rate of one packet to the buyer.
To such measures of the administration forced the critical situation of islands from the affected areas of plastic waste. Authorities believe that we should start with the correct behavior of people and their relationship to the environment, which is the most difficult. Ban on plastic bags and paper bags of non-reprocessible just had to be the start of an improvement in the environmental situation of the state.
Hypermarkets about. Maui and Kauai are already operating under the new program. Upheld the ban last County of Honolulu (in May 2012). The results of the ban will be evaluated at the beginning of July 2015.

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