Healer from Tel Aviv fooled seriously ill people




Sorokadvuhletny a resident of Tel Aviv, Roni Eliyahu fraudulently "fished out" tens of thousands of shekels from the pockets of seriously ill people, assuring them that he could get rid of the dreaded diseases using unconventional methods. This morning, the court extended the detention of fraud.

To date, the police received four applications against the suspect. From the investigation learned that a conman promoting himself through the media, promising to heal from fatal and chronic diseases. In addition, an enterprising "shaman" offered to patients adopt his methods to master the art of healing for a nominal fee of only seventy-five thousand shekels. Unemployed patients also promised employment as healers after his annual course.

A resident of Rishon Lezion, has filed a complaint against Ronnie Eliyahu to the police, told investigators that he gave the swindler two hundred forty thousand shekels for the treatment of a spouse and daughter suffering from a serious illness. From her words (similar to other testimony) that one of the most common methods of "healing", used sham Aesculapius, was wrapped in a towel attachment spiral heater to the patient's body. According to police, the victims of swindlers have many sick people, — the "Haaretz".


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