With the participation of the South African company Mechanology Design Bureau (MDB), the U.S. General Dynamics Land Systems and Jordanian CLS was created highly protected infantry fighting vehicle AB14 «Temsah» based on tank chassis Tariq (Jordanian title British tank Centurion), that the Jordanian Army removed from service, because they get in return tanks Al-Hussein. But it had to recompose much, because we can say that AB14 «Temsah» — this is a purely Jordanian child. The first time the car was exhibited at SOFEX in April 2000 in Amman as an experienced reference. This machine is different from the concept of AB-14 motor drive conservation in the stern.

Reservations BMP AB14 «Temsah», in comparison with the base chassis; substantially enhanced. It provides protection for the crew and troops not only from the fire small guns, but the 30-mm artillery shells. The housing design provides for the installation of explosive reactive armor, which makes the languid BMP AB14 «Temsah» more resilient during the shelling of its hand-held antitank grenade launchers. In addition, the creators of the machine believe that frontal placement of the power plant increases the survival of the crew during the shelling of front projection BMP. Her body has a relatively small stature, a little more than 2-meters, also in their opinion, increases the vitality of the machine. Superstructure housing — towers with different variations of weapons systems — uninhabited and controlled remotely from the housing BMP. Crew AB14 «Temsah» is two people: a driver and commander, he’s operator armament. BMP troop compartment accommodates 10 marines in full gear. Need to see that it is a lot of space and has a length of 3350 mm, width 1770 mm and height 1455 mm.

Loopholes for firing of personal weapons in the car is not equipped. But observation of the terrain are the camera and inside the troop compartment fitted with four LCD TV monitor. Marines in the car are placed along the sides, back to them. For boarding and landing troops, AB14 «Temsah» aft hinged lip fitted with a mechanical drive. In the rear of the roof of the troop compartment hatch has a single-leaf cover. Inside the car under the seats are equipped with assault for laying rations and water for everyone in the car people. According to the developers, water supplies and provide prodoeolaviya crew and troops to act autonomously within 48 hours. Assembling the machine is provided with the latest frontal arrangement of the power plant. It used South American 12-cylinder diesel engine with turbo AVDS-1790-V12 power of 950 hp, which is used when upgrading tanks and M60A1. Automatic transmission CD1000 has two front and one — reverse. BMP Suspension — hydropneumatic balance-. Dynamic move rink is 350 and -100 mm.

Armament AB14 «Temsah» may be different. To this day, demonstrated two versions of BMP Temsah: in one of them in the complex weapons used mnogokaliberny machine gun mounted in the remote-controlled turret module, and two PU HTVP INGWE. In another embodiment, the — 20-mm automatic gun M621 office «GIAT», coaxial machine gun and four launchers LAW INGWE (South-African), also established in the remote-controlled turret module. Armament BMP AB14 «Temsah» stabilized in 2-planes. Rate of fire automatic gun is 200 rds. / Min. Its ammunition is 300 rounds of them ready to use — only 150 pieces. Others are laying in the car and they need to dosnaryazhat tapes /. Sighting range of cannon fire is 2,000 m of it can be carried out in single shots or bursts. Coupled with the gun 7.62-mm machine gun tank is one famous Belgian FN MAG. Sighting range — 1,200 m, ammunition — 2600 rounds of them ready to use — only 600. Other 2000 are stacking inside the troop compartment of the machine. Ammunition ATGM is four missiles — only those that are in the launchers. Firing range ATGM INGWE — from 500 to 5000 m for smoke-screens on a tower module mounted smoke grenade launchers.

Battlefield surveillance and aiming is done on the liquid crystal TV monitor mounted on the vehicle commander workplace. Elevation angles guns range from -8 to +40 °, which, in my opinion, is not fully adequate for a machine designed for action in the criteria of the town and the mountainous terrain, which in Jordan more than enough. The equipment also includes sensors of laser warning AVIMO LWD2. Provision variakty use chassis BMP Temsah as tracked armored car honey, team Fri, under the base for self-propelled guns and mortars. In standard configuration AB14 «Temsah» equipped with collective protection systems, air conditioning and fire protection system.

The performance properties of AB14 «Temsah»
Combat weight, t 49.5
Crew. 2
Troopers, pers. 10
Body length 7962 mm
Housing width, 3766 mm
Height, mm 2080
Clearance 500
— 20mm cannon M621
— gun (s) 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun M240
— PU LAW ZT-35 «Ingwe»
Gun ammunition 150 150
Ammunition gun (s) 600 2000
Sights daytime television. / NIGHT. sight; imager; laser rangefinder
Motor — AVDS-1790-V12
Motor power hp 950
Specific power hp / ton 20.6

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