Historical disappearance

Historical disappearances probably happened before, but have not been systematized and attributed to the various demons and other monsters appeared in human mythology. Who knows, maybe all these myths are without any basis, because modern science can not explain virtually all of the facts of disappearance in modern history.

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Year 1590. Roanoke Island, where the faded one of the first English colony in 150. Empty houses, picket fence and things. Decomposed food, and left values, encounters have found the deserted colony on the lam, however, no body, no murder weapon was found. At the appointed place near the settlement was carved strange word "kroaton" but its value historians still can not decipher.

Year 1915. Turkish peninsula of Gallipoli. British Norfolk Regiment, was sent to the aid of allies, lost, went into a strange cloud. Later, prisoners of the Turks, who participated in the battles near the same time, stated that they knew nothing about it. Neither prisoners nor dead, nothing.

Year 1924. Two British pilots were gone, having made a forced landing in the desert. From the wreck of footprints led that just broke. In that place there was no quicksand, no sand storms that day.

Year 1930. Canadian Eskimo village depopulated Angikuni. Just as suddenly, as in the case of Roanoke, were thrown into things, values, food on the tables, and even weapons, without which none of the sane Eskimos did not go outside. The most striking thing is that in the local cemetery lost even the dead in their graves.

Year 1947. Crashed U.S. military plane which was carrying thirty-two soldiers. Interestingly, the analysis of residues at any of aircraft personnel found.

And such cases are hundreds, if not thousands, but if you look at the statistics of the missing, at least in our country, is necessarily scary.

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