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An exhibition of military inventionsAt the scientific conference in Voronezh cadets of military schools submitted more than 500 designs for the Russian defense industry.

Ultrasonic testing ground to simulate the radar is a box made of plexiglass, which is suspended in a tin airplane and the abstract goal of a rectangular shape. As the radar emitters involved ultrasound.

According to the developers, the range allows you to teach the effectiveness of radar target irradiation at different rates (airplane turns).

— The speed of sound and radio waves are known to make a correction for the difference, counting the delay time and the model works — said the gray-haired colonel. Usually, working together to invent student and his teacher. The second makes to the knowledge of the project, the first — diligence.

Anton made a fifth-year Yaresh layout aero-engine combustion chamber operating on hydrogen. Engine — the topic of his diploma. For the base taken kerosene PS-90 with IL-76, task — to process under hydrogen, the fuel of the future. Layout allows you to monitor the behavior of the gas flow in the combustion chamber.

Layout gidrolotok immersed in, water starts with a colorant. The laws of fluid dynamics are similar to gases and liquids — reported student Yaresh. His installation it's made of plastic and fiberglass two months of cadet wages.

Printed antennas linear and radial polarization. The model estimates the impact of fluctuations of the optical signal to an accuracy of missile guidance systems. The system of non-linear signal processing radar. Director of broadband noise with a remote control. The system of protection of executable files from unauthorized launch. Training programm to work with the complex "Moray".

On the table was rolling wheeled platform, similar to the custom station of young technicians rover. Finding the obstacle (cadet palm), the platform stopped, handed back and moved around. Near showing an optical flaw that gathered half a dozen diplomas — including at international exhibitions.

— The apparatus is capable of determining characteristics of roughness up to 5 microns. To investigate inaccessible places you plan to use fiber optics — told student Alexei Ruzhnikov.

Oleg did Rogovenko third-singing electric arc. The effect is found to the case, collecting amplifier.

— Doug shakes the air, — explained the proud student the essence of his own invention. He's on the table a small electronic arc squeaky singing prestigious hit. Yet it is possible to cut glass. The music.

Pyatikursnik Sergey Evseev gathered install detection and suppression of signals of GSM-communication.

— You need to pay mobile radio in a certain place. Constantly working "jammers" harms the health and writes interference in the work of electrical devices. My machine cut one when the signal cell phone, weighs it down and off, — said Sergey.

— Last year we had 157 designs, this year — more than 50. The third part — ready invention. But the cost of processing patent applications in the budget of the university are not provided. At the moment, this procedure costs about 5.4 thousand rubles — told the chief of bureau of inventions Voronezh Military Aviation Engineering Institute Timerkhan Khakimov. — Now, if the Ministry of Defence agreed with Rospatent deferred payment, the utility for the country would be great!

Teachers VVAIU showed the recovered arms cadets models and simulators. During the association of high schools textbooks delivered to Voronezh from Irkutsk and Stavropol. It is not enough that They arrived safe and sound.

— Applets for which the defense factories fleece half a million rubles, our guys write without the help of others. Maybe they are not as personable decorated. Maybe a bit easier … but works! — Told the military scientists.

Rukastogo loggerhead and encourage students: honorable mention, a valuable gift, days of leave. They are the least imaginative fellow digging ditches in the institute's yard and make repairs to school buildings. Work in the Army enough for all.

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