Hovering over Moscow green cloud

Hovering over Moscow green cloud Facts

April 26, 2012 south-west of the Russian capital in the morning for the day drowned in the green haze of unknown origin. By the afternoon cloud taker has hidden and the center of Moscow. Residents of the city had to assume that the cause of the strange aerial phenomena could be hidden by the authorities of the industrial accident exceptionally large, another dangerous incident or even an extraterrestrial invasion. People are in a panic began to call in security, seeing as the green mist fills the streets and avenues.

However, the Russian Weather Service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations has dispelled all ridiculous assumptions and fears of Muscovites. The reason that the air became so threatening coloring was usual seasonal phenomenon, which, for sure, all was forgotten. This yellow-green pollen from flowering in the capital of alder and birch trees that have started to bloom as soon as Moscow is much warmer. Pollen by the wind, was harboring the street, the windows of buildings and even cars. For allergies is a real disaster for others — the usual seasonal discomfort.

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