How much water on our planet?

How much water on our planet? It is interesting

If you collect water from the entire surface of the Earth, including fresh water, the water of the seas and oceans, from underground sources, from living organisms and even water vapor, which is located above the surface of the planet, you get a drop, surprising his small size. The diameter of a sphere of water does not exceed 1385 km in diameter, which can be compared with the distance between the American cities of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Topeka, Kansas, or between Gdansk, Poland, and Moscow, Russia. In cubic kilometers volume will be 332.5 million. This is three times smaller than the diameter of our satellite Moon.

All the water on Earth could fit into a drop diameter of 1 385 km.
The most unusual, if subtracted from the specified volume that water, to which a person does not have direct access to, or the one that is not fit for drinking, for example, in the form of water vapor in the atmosphere, salt water, water, concentrated in the ice shells at the poles of the planet, the figures get even less impressive. Of the ball in 1385 miles to get a small drop of 160 km in diameter (2.5% by weight of water). 8.4 million km3 of water suitable for drinking, hidden in the bowels of the earth in the form of ground water is 29.2 million km3 rests on the continent in the ice condition, mostly in Antarctica and Greenland. So drop, consisting of the visible world of rivers, streams and lakes, again lost in the volume, especially if you compare it with the size of our planet. Therefore, everyone should think about how to save it.

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