How to protect yourself from evil forces?




Once upon a man's house served as a protection not only from the beasts and the bad people, but above all from the evil forces. So the house guarded by wards.

For example, the Saxons were placed antlers on the edges and on the ridge of the roof of their homes to ward off evil spirits. According to historians, this custom is faint echo in modern use finials on the roofs.

The Bulgarians were hanging over the entrance bells, which had its ringing scare away evil spirits. In many homes, apartments this custom religiously observed so far, says "The harbor of beauty and health."

During the Middle Ages used to guard houses Iron: snatches chains, broken scythes and swords fit neatly under the foundation of the house to prevent access by vermin. Later, for the same purpose erected a fence of brooms. A Dutch hex and still can be seen in the southeast of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania — emblazoned on the large barns and strong clean homes hex signs are sort of a combination of magic and religion: protect homes and farms, as well as being a graphic celebration of the natural and the divine. Seven hexagonal signs on one building protecting it from evil sorcery, fire, lightning, floods and other natural disasters.

In need of special protection windows and doors homes. In ancient times, the windows were slits in the walls, intended for the admission of fresh air and ventilate the smoke. The wind whistled through them and to see the light from a burning house in the hearth. That is why the window called the "eye of the wind." In some countries still on the windows cut out or draw a chalk pentagram, and white curtains do not only protect from the sun but also from all other negative influences. To the same end, the window sills are placed white sea stones, pieces of glass, seashells.

Protects against evil forces hung on the door from the street wreath of leaves and thorns. Ghosts and vampires deters garlic or dill, and they shall not allow those who are sick or harbored evil came into your house. Demons and other evil drives away a bag of salt and a bell hanging from the door handle.

In addition, to protect the house from being hit by the evil forces, you can put two needles criss-cross under the rug by the door, paint the door to the blue color, which is considered sacred; scatter mustard seeds or bury resin dragon tree under the threshold, drive outside the door three nails in the form of a triangle top up. An old sock filled with salt, sage, mullein, tansy, and any other protecting herbs, you can bury under the threshold to scare away ghosts. A box with "chicken gods" — stones with holes, or a knife, hidden below the entrance, also have properties to protect the house.

Should observe certain rituals and the construction of the home. Thus, the Middle East and now see to it that was used in the construction of an even number of logs — odd will bring bad luck. In Thailand, by contrast, the house is usually an odd number of doors, windows, rooms and stair steps, for an even number, according to the Thai people, causes an earthquake. In Hawaii, no doubt, that the house, built next to a tall building will be unhappy life. In some countries in the construction of new homes use some planks from old buildings — or failure will fall on the tenants, disease, and even premature death.

By the way, it is possible that the stars, oak leaves and acorns, tulips, lilies and pigeons, which people love to decorate their houses and apartments are not only the design elements, but also charms.

Anyway, about the chestnuts can say that they have a magical gift: correct the negative field of the earth, that permeate our apartments through. Bulgarians enclose chestnuts under beds, sofas, chairs — anywhere exhibit negative margins. Thereby improving sleep, nerves calm down and people feel great. Bulgarians believe that the strength of chestnuts runs for six months.


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