Hunter double agents, moles — Ram S. Krasilnikov

Hunter double agents, moles - Ram S. Krasil'nikovCool war period was characterized by a global ideological and geopolitical confrontation between the USSR and the USA. It is in this period and there is a vocabulary zabugornyh security services, the term "agent-mole". And it's not just the enemy intelligence agent in a hostile country. Still more difficult — it's agent, recruited at the very heart of the enemy, in his intelligence service. Committee of State Security, and in particular exploration and the GRU of the General Staff of the armed forces of the country were the main subjects of "caring" by the CIA. The presence of "moles" in these departments are coveted dream of the Yankees.

In particular, it has become noticeable in the eighties, when the confrontation between the two-name global powers have gained their own peak. During this period, the South American exploration been making significant efforts to recruit "agents-moles" in the secret services of the USSR. And we need to recognize that many of their trial had been successful. Specifically, the eighties are now often referred to as a "decade of espionage."

At the moment, we can say that the big success in exposing and capturing secret agents zabugornyh Russian intelligence services in the Union have gained Ram S. Krasil'nikov, from 1972 to 1992 year, who led the counter-intelligence department to counter the intelligence services, and his staff. It is also called the "hunter of double agents, moles".

Born Rem Krasil'nikov March 14, 1927 in Moscow. He graduated from Moscow State Institute, since 1949, served in the organs of state security. Since 1956, the British ruled at first, and later the South American Division II head of the KGB of the USSR. In the resignation came in the post of Major General and was awarded 13 medals, 14 medals. In his later years, Ram S. lectured at the Academy of the Federal Security Service, has written several books: "Ghosts from the street by Tchaikovsky," "The End" mole "," KGB against the Mi-6. Hunters for the spies. "

Specifically associated with the name Krasil'nikova particularly scandalous revelations and troubles CIA. Despite the fact that most of the material so far is in the archives stamped "Top Secret", all the same information on certain sonorous operations became available to the general public.

Namely, in 1986, the press reported that on March 16 in Moscow, was detained during an illegal meeting, the Second Secretary of the Embassy of the United States Michael Sellers, recruited by U.S. intelligence Russian citizen. In the course of the investigation it became clear that Sellers was a scout CIA station in Moscow and arrested an agent — one of the officers of the KGB in Moscow and the Moscow region, Major Sergei Vorontsov. Were received confirmation that the employee of the U.S. embassy engaged in intelligence activities, not comparable with its official status. Later, Michael Sellers announced personality non grant. Major Vorontsov — "mole", the agent Hood. Assign aliases was not just a fad, and Prof. duty intelligence officers. All agents then had a clandestine nicknames, even heads of departments were allocated nicknames.

Hunter double agents, moles - Ram S. Krasil'nikovNoteworthy that representatives of the U.S. intelligence Vorontsov introduced himself as a member of the central apparatus of counter-intelligence, the second head of management, subordinate the general himself Krasil'nikov. The fact is that at that time was unheard of "cool" to have a "mole" in the Lubyanka, and besides, in the South American Division. Spy impostor calculated Ram Krasil'nikov personally. But the details of this operation are not subject to disclosure.

Known another operation running Krasil'nikova to capture "mole." Then carried out surveillance of South American spy Paul Zalaki. Employees of Russian intelligence agencies traced the Zalaki in one of the northern districts of Moscow arranged a hiding place. After two weeks, in this place agents saw the stocky middle-aged man with a shopping bag in hand. The unknown was caught in the act when took out the contents of the cache. On interrogation, it was found that the agent caught — First Lieutenant central office Polishchuk, who arrived on holiday from the Soviet Embassy in Nigeria. Americans are very worried then fail Poleshchuk — agent Libra.

Similar transactions in the account of Rem Krasil'nikova was 10s. According to declassified data, with 1985 of the Russian Union of thirteen scouts were sent to the capital of the CIA, they were caught red-handed during an incarnation spyware shares. About 20 Russian people being CIA agents were exposed and brought to justice. Foreign agents have been disclosed Fitness, Jogger, Village, Gleyzing, Thame, Bekbend, West, agent Prologue, which has already been prepared for the evacuation of the Russian Union of South American intelligence agencies. With the surrender came agent Langley Eastbound.

In those years, the CIA ran Robert Gates, who was very unhappy with the failures department. Numerous revelations could not affect the reputation of U.S. intelligence, CIA intelligence network suffered a huge loss. Large failures of U.S. intelligence in the eighties almost destroyed the Moscow residency.

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