Hunting for the Stinger

Hunting for the "Stinger"

Prior to 1979, about Afghanistan, lost in the mountains of Central Asia, most of the people understood, for sure, from geography textbook, and many do not know and all. And only after the Russian troops in this country is very difficult to Afghanistan very enthusiastic rose, with not only the military, and the broad masses.

Officially the Russian army invaded Afghanistan, 25 December 1979, and entered February 15, 1989. In all, the 10 hard years have passed through the crucible of Afghanistan about 620 000 Russian officers and fighter. In the process of fighting killed about 15,000 soldiers.

Once in the country, located in central Asia, opened one of the principal fronts — front of a hidden war between the United States and the Russian Union, where the secret service of the 2-massive powers confronted each other. Naturally, the U.S. had its own particular enthusiasm in the region, and parts of the Russian entry into Afghanistan was for the administration of white houses, to some extent unexpected "surprise."

1985 year… The situation in Afghanistan sought adjacent decisive action. The command of Russian troops continued a very active implementation of its own elite units — Special Forces. Control of all the main transport means in the Afghan countryside were two spetsnaz brigades, which were included in Afghanistan without further ado, very quiet and masterful. Jihad, which fueled the CIA, along with Saudi Arabia, led by Islamic militants to merge into a giant army. USSR, and more precisely its military command decided to participate in the special forces direct clashes, although the direct purpose of these groups was a war in the rear, carrying out sabotage. But the situation was such that special forces have begun to use a different way.

When the U.S. Congress decided to allocate additional funds for the purchase of weapons for the mujahideen, war in Afghanistan has reached a new pitch.

The gun fell to Afghanistan through Pakistan, where the Afghan-Pakistan border have started to cross the great caravans of the instrument. The way these caravans began blocking Russian special forces, and helped him in this aircraft. Aircraft delivered Mujahideen enormous challenges Russian helicopters proved even in the most remote parts of Afghanistan. After long reflection whitewashed house in a transaction that has a very familiar title of "Cyclone", he decided to start supplying MANPADS — portable air defense systems "Stinger" class "surface-to-air." Translated from the British title of this missile means "wasp": it was created specifically for the Russian aviation fatal bites. Americans had hoped for with "Stinger" to force the communists to withdraw from Afghanistan.

For the Russian aviation began the difficult days are: helicopters falling, exploding in the air. Backward and illiterate Mujahideen did not make any special effort for that — just press down on the trigger.

The antidote to a wasp sting could find, just to own at least one copy of this deadly complex.

The smallness of disk imaging. "Stinger" — Eng. Stinger FIM-92 — a portable anti-aircraft missile system. This tool created to destroy air targets located on a small height. Developer — "" General Dynamics. " In the United States is in service since 1981. Stinger missiles to equip the "land-to-air" is very easy to use. The principle of the act is very ordinary — shot and forgotten, and then the rocket will find itself for a suitable target.

In autumn 1986, "Stingers" were shot in the air three Russian Mi-24 helicopters. Americans were ecstatic, because the rocket absolutely pays off: the price 68 thousand dollars they caused harm to millions. According to certain sources, the residents met with the CIA who was then on the ground in Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden, who on the advice of his friends, who worked in the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia, the first gave the idea of arming the mujahideen, "Stingers". Specifically, he has become the largest recipient of South American instruments of production, although it is now in the U.S. for obvious reasons do not want to think about it.

In general, then "Al-Qaeda" as such even in the project was not. With Bin Laden met personally Brzezinski himself, from which it can be completely trivial conclusion — the elusive Al-Qaeda's favorite was a product of U.S. intelligence. But it's a completely different subject … SWAT threw all their forces to search for at least the 1st instance of this "wasp", were sitting in wait for weeks, was destroyed a few 10 s caravan with a gun, but the "stinger" as before was elusive …

All military units and units on the terrain of Afghanistan, was ordered by all means get it, even right up to repurchase it at dushmans. For the "Stinger" was nominated monetary contribution, and the first person to grab it, will be awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union. But the task is not feasible yet provided. Arranged hunting for caravans carrying weapon — after extraction stinger was to be direct evidence of the role of the Yankees in the war and in the supply of guns, but without result.

Hunting for the "Stinger"

Day 5 January 1987 began as usual. Major Sergeev — deputy commander of the 7th Battalion, together with the senior lieutenant Vladimir Kovtun — commander of the most successful squad flew out to reconnoitre the area in Meltanayskoe gorge — the most inaccessible area of Kandahar. Sergeyev first saw people gathered along the ground by shooting them with a machine gun, he pointed to the direction of the second helicopter flying behind him. In response to land a shot. Shots left for a two smoke tail. Sergeyev and Kovtun not even guessed at once that fired on them from the "stinger", wonder what the grenade launcher. And when it got into a fight on the ground, under the pressure of spooks special forces began to withdraw. Kovtun saw one of the gunmen ran out of the shelter and ran to the gorge. That's just the kind he had a weird: weird object in his hand, and behind — the pipe. Kovtun, who shot very well, with a single shot to the back of the head laid spooks. And running up and realized that the trophy which he got, had brand identification and a complete set of instructions on the use of MANPADS — "stinger." On the capture was immediately reported to the command, but none of the participants of the operation or the merits of the promised title of Hero of Russian Union has not received.

Names Kovtun and Sergeeva now cite the example of a young Special Forces, because they do not serve for the sake of these awards and titles …

Russian found a way to protect against missiles homing, but at what price they got it …

Sergeyev after Afghanistan was still serving in the Special Forces units, armed forces, as part of which he continued his service during the Chechen war. Then he was injured, he was then able to save, but the wounds were given a point to know all the post-war period. In 2008 Sergeyev died.

United States, who are very worried
about the impending fate of his own rocket, launched share buyback missiles in Afghanistan, and for each copy they paid 50, and from time to time, and 100 thousand dollars. The Yankees managed to get so makarom back about two hundred of their own, "Stingers". At the same time, the Rockets are in such excellent condition that ranges almost all worked perfectly.

More than 10 years ago, white-washed house in response to the September 11 brought troops to Afghanistan. That Afghan war, in which Russian troops participated, too, lasted for more than 10 years. Now American soldier in Afghanistan, there are about 100 thousand, exactly as many as there was a Russian fighter in the 80's.

Americans now very afraid of their own "stinging wasps," which can be used against the Taliban Air Force United States. Now, as 30 three years back, the troops occupied the country are kept under control only a small part of Afghanistan. As before, politicians are arguing about how to cope with international terrorism, because, in fact, today's martyrs and mujahideen — is the kids of the same enemies dushmans since our Afghan War.
Historians are wondering what the efforts of the superpower itself was basically born of the crisis that emerged around Afghanistan in the seventies. But now all the perspectives of security in Afghanistan look pretty confusing.

Since the terrorist attacks in the United States more than 10 years, and during that time the United States fought in the far country, trying, as spoken by the white houses, to make the world safer from terrorist groups and protect the common interests of the American people. The current president of the South American plans to withdraw troops from the South American Afghanistan until 2014. And that means only one thing: it's time to sum up …

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