Hurricane in Denmark and Germany


Stripped from the shop roof in Skagen. Photo:

01.05.12. In Denmark, a raging hurricane. Wind gusts reaching 31.2 meters per second. In Hanstolme (central Denmark — «NewsBalt».) Recorded wind gusts up to 39 meters per second.

In connection with the elements, rescuers received 164 calls per day, of which 128 in North Jutland, transfers «Nordjyske».

Despite the strong winds, the storm did not bring much damage. In Skagen (North Denmark — «NewsBalt».) Blown away from the store of 300 square meters. The railways may cause slight delays flights.

On Germany coming storm "Andrea", two days after the storm, "Uli". In Lower Saxony, meteorologists forecast squally winds and thunderstorms. On the coast of the North Sea — Hamburg, Bremen, Emden possible flooding, reports German magazine «Focus».

Cologne is also under threat of flooding. Expected heavy rains that cause the water level to rise strongly in the Rhine. Perhaps, in the city announced restrictions on shipping.

Source: «NewsBalt»

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