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27.06.11.Nachnem us your release with the next disaster! Today in Almaty a great storm, which was accompanied by rain and hail, uprooted trees and blew the roofs of houses. The city having power outages and communication. For several hours, was paralyzed traffic. Shyngys Bisari felt the effects of the hurricane.

These amateur footage fearsome. A powerful storm with rain, and then hail and uproot trees, tore off roofs and blocked the highway. 12 drivers were trapped in their cars. The lower part of the city in a matter of minutes was flooded. What, in general, happens every time after heavy rains in Almaty.

Office furniture company that has flooded so that paralyzed half a day. Car buried in the water almost to the roof.

However, power failures paralyzed many services. Without the light was almost half the city. Stood trolleys and trams, traffic controllers barely had time to replace the traffic lights do not work. This was mainly due to fallen trees. ES-workers had to hastily clear the city.

The mountains were again knocked down dozens of trees. The road there was closed. On the basis of high-Shymbulak rescuers had disembarrass of cable car twelve teenager. Final tally of damage and casualties will hold emergency service tomorrow, but today, asking residents not to panic. But warned that rain and thunderstorms can happen again. Moreover, in most of the country.

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Hurricane in Almaty on 27 June: 4 people injured

28.06.11.Po data "Kazhydromet", June 27, 2011 at 14 h. 20 min. in Almaty dropped heavy rainfall and hail, with wind gusts up to 11 m / s. Resulting in a shutdown 12 substations, numerous gusts of overhead power lines.

Disabled consumers Bostandyk, Almalinsky Auzovskogo and districts. Currently, there is a gradual connection, the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

According to MOE, as a result of falling trees was partly damaged in the low-pressure gas pipelines and Medeus Auezov areas without gas consumers were 199 private houses. According to the information recorded 19 cases of trees falling on cars, sidewalks and roadway streets.

In Medeu district in Small Almaty gorge was 520 trees falling on the pavement between the road and environmental Butakovka post at a distance of 1 kilometer, resulting in damage to the: 7 road signs, billboards, 1, 2 bus stops, 12 pylons.

In the Ile Alatau Basin Kishi, on the highway Almaty — Medeo dam (on the site of the restaurant Bellagio to environmental post), came the fall of about 30 trees.

"As a result of falling trees with various injuries were taken to hospital 4 people" — noted in the department.

"In urban hospitals with various injuries were taken to four citizen: Trukhachev Alexander (20 years) — taken from the car, crushed by a tree, brought to CCCH diagnosed with" a closed fracture of the pelvic bones "; Frolova Irina (50) — giving tree taken to the CCCH diagnosed with "a closed fracture of the lumbar spine, closed fracture of the femoral neck"; Sarsenbayev Shashubai Aytkulovich (30 years) — the builder, was taken to CCH number 7 with a diagnosis of "closed fracture of the ribs"; Zhabashev Nurlybek Abdraevich (34 years) — construction and taken to the Clinical Hospital № 12 with a diagnosis of "fracture of the patella," — said the MOE.

According to the MOE, the city marked by numerous outbursts of overhead power lines up to 0.4 kVA. Has disconnected 13 substations in Bostandyk, Almalinsky and Auezov district. JSC "Almaty Zharyk Kompaniyasy 'undergoes renovation and restoration work.

In addition, 16 cases of flooding of basements of houses and yards. In the underground car crossing the street, Al-Farabi Esentai west of the flooded roadway. Work on the pumping of water carried by the fire service DES Almaty and GCE "Rescue" Almaty.

Gusts of wind damaged the roof of buildings: Bostandyk — school number 65 (on the area of 1,000 square meters), the city administration (over an area of 800 square meters), the Graduate School of the Ministry of Interior (over an area of 200 square meters); Medeu district — health resort "Alatau" ( an area of 900 square meters, evacuated 42 children), the DRC "Balbulak" (an area of 800 square meters, evacuated 72 people, 41 of them — children) and 12 private residences. Total pre-17 buildings.

"The emergency response involved 463 people and 67 vehicles, including 280 personnel and 26 vehicles MES RK," — said the MOE.

The city recorded 5 cases of falling trees on cars, 14 cases — on the sidewalks and roadway, 6 cases of demolition of slate roofs. To eliminate the effects of involved personnel and equipment GU "service fire and rescue operations," CSR Almaty and specialized organization LLP "Alatau Building Machinery."

On the highway Almaty — Medeo dam in the Ile Alatau felled about 30 trees. Brigade GU "Kazselezaschity" MES of RK of 11 persons with 3 pieces of equipment conducts clearing roads.

In the city of Almaty by the City Department of Emergency and Community Services local agencies also made clearing roads and residential houses.


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Here's a breeze ruffled our city again. Thanks to colleagues and the audience for photo and video. Send us a link or video and photographs of many things, most importantly, to cling to. Most interestingly, we show on the air "Channel 31"

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Almaty Medeo effects of Hurricane

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