In a suburb of Voronezh lightning hit the house


Lightning struck the roof of a private home in Maslovka. Photo Anastasia Babenko.

20.08.11.Noch August 19 Maslovka people remember. About an hour at home in the village literally shook with thunder.

Terrible storm did not let anyone to sleep, but the woman was not lucky family the most.

At about four in the morning they heard a terrible roar, the house began to shake the walls, and there was a crash. As it turned out later, lightning struck outside the house, the discharge came through the roof above the room's eldest daughter Nastya. Only by sheer luck, the 14-year-old girl, awakened by the storm, the second before it went to the kitchen to drink water.

Electrical discharge through the roof through.

— My daughter cried, "Mother! Mom! "- Said" Mine! "Hostess Natalia. — We thought at first that blew out the windows. My husband and I ran into his daughter's room and saw that the switchboard knocked out of the wall with wallpaper and ceiling moldings!

Later, podcchityvaya destruction Babenko family found that they burned down a home theater, a modem, a gas boiler, and a hole in the roof about 40 inches in diameter. And in the morning and learned about another loss, close to the place where, apparently struck by lightning found a dead cat, a family pet has run away from home late at night, and most of all, hiding from the rain under the roof.

Now the injured family roof repairs — on recognition, Natalia, a house they have not insured — who else could have imagined it?

By the way, neighbors, retirees who had not slept all night, it is said that during yesterday's thunderstorms even saw a fireball.

Maria Sergeeva

Source: MY! Online

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