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2.06.11.V Adygea element ruined harvest right on the vine. In late May, the republic flood literally washed away crops in an area of 11,000 hectares. Now farmers have to sow anew field with sunflower and corn.

In Adygea started to count losses that the country has brought floods. Floods destroyed more than 11,000 hectares of crops. Officials of the local administration every day check the condition of the field. Not the earth, and clay, they complain.

Dyshekov Qasim, deputy head of the district department of agriculture:
— Upper topsoil washed over. No need to leave it have passaged when the field dries.

The government has pledged to purchase 13 tons of sunflower seeds and 2 tons of corn. For that of the national budget allocated $ 2 million. Just ensure that the re-planted fields will rise a good harvest, no one gives.

Ekaterina Belousova, correspondent:
— In Adygea and winter crops survived the onslaught of big water, can not be said about the spring, they are seriously injured. For example, the field is completely planted sunflower. Agrarians hoped to raise up to 19 quintals per hectare, now, they say, there will be half.

Most affected by the disaster in 5 areas of farmland. To reduce the extent of flooding in the villages, bubbling water transferred to the field. In addition, the river broke through the dam itself, and, again, after the crops were selected to go home. Now in the country continue to count the losses. The only way for farmers, said the Ministry of Agriculture of Adygea, pereseyat field seeds that germinate quickly.

Yuri Petrov, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Adygea:
— We take maturing hybrids growing season with about 90 days to the month of October you can complete the harvest and start sowing of winter crops.

Landowners Adygea hope for favor of nature: dry June and late autumn. Only in this way can we count on at least one crop of sunflower and maize.

Ekaterina Belousova, Eugene Berestnev.

"TV Center". Republic of Adygea.

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