In Adygea global warming


Photo: Hope Krivko

Maikop, 30 November — AIF-Adygea. In the first days of winter calendar republic continues to live weather of autumn. This weekend in Adygea expected sharp warming.

This is because the whole of November and half of December Adygea is in the warm sector of Mediterranean cyclones, which carries a significant warming. Even in the mountainous areas of the country the temperature has fallen below the +18- +19 °.

In addition, experts fear that the republic with the warm weather comes the so-called greenhouse effect, unfavorable for farmers. It can lead to flowering fruit trees just before frost.

However, starting from Monday, a cold front will bring a slight chill and rain, the temperature begins to fall slowly. However, in Adygea will long stay warm, and winters in the country will come only at the end of December.

Author: Karina Kadieva

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