In Africa, the snow fell. Video


19.01.12.V marrokkanskom city Infran snow does not stop for days. And now the white landscape resembles the Alps. Many vacationers were not ready for such a change in the weather — and are forced to leave the city.

For the inhabitants of the national park — snow also came as a surprise. Was in the grip of winter and the neighboring Algeria. Sahara desert into a snow-covered field. Local farmers console themselves with the fact that the weather good for trees, because frost kills germs. However, for a long time see a picture is not necessary. Weather forecasters promise that soon will come to the region rains.

Source: The first channel

In the Sahara desert unprecedented frosts

19.01.12.Na northern Turkey because of heavy snowfall collapsed roof of the shopping center. According to preliminary reports, two people were killed and another 20 injured. Under the debris could still be people. Rescue operation continues.

In the south of Serbia, in the mountainous areas covered highways. Height of one and a half meters of drifts. Of settlements without electricity.

And in Algeria Snow fell in the Sahara desert. True, the freeze lasted only a day. Then the snow melted. But even such a blizzard in the Sahara — happen not every year, according to TV "Russia 24".

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