In Almaty, intend to produce disturbing suitcases


5.05.11.Posle tremors in Almaty several entrepreneurs pharmaceutical industry said that they intend to start manufacturing "red suitcase." It is a first-aid kits, backpacks that can save lives in the event of a devastating earthquake. About this newspaper Express-K.

— "Disturbing suitcases" should be in every home, which is located in a potentially dangerous area — says the pharmacist from Astana Kairat Bekturganov. — And for each family member should be one such set. It is a bag of sturdy canvas material, where to store medicines and rations for three days.

That's how long have lifeguards to provide emergency assistance to the people to remove the wreckage. Each bag must be signed by the owner. Also, there must be stored copies of the documents of the individual.

Pharmacists are advised to include a set of canned meat and two-liter jar with water. In addition, the backpack must be Aquatabs tablets that disinfect water.

Among the contents of the kit should be levomitsitin and ampicillin, dressings. We can not forget the tools — an ax, a hammer, flashlight, matches, and a raincoat. In addition, in the depths of "disturbing handbag" underwear should be stored, which saves you from hypothermia. The cost of the fully stocked "alarm suitcase" starts from 12 thousand tenge. The weight of one of the prototypes was over 40 pounds.


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