In ASD mass killing birds. Video


20.11.12.Vorobi, crows, blackbirds, and now the waxwings. They fall from the sky to the ground, beat in the windows of houses. Why have not found the cause — Igor Mosunov understood.

Yards of Ust-Kamenogorsk in recent days are more like a testing ground for nuclear weapons. The roads are literally covered with dead birds. Dozens of birds become fodder for local cats and dogs.

BOris Uerbakov, ornithologist

— It is not clear what is happening. And thrushes, and even predators, particularly waxwings fly and fight in the windows and broken. It's like crazy.

Mysterious sea birds in the city lasts almost a week. One feathered saved local resident. Vasily Samoilov sure: all the fault of food that they eat.

Assumptions male professional ornithologists deny. They say that the birds are accustomed to such food. And choke on all at once could not. But the scope of environmental catastrophe, experts say, the real reason to sound the alarm.

BOris Uerbakov, ornithologist

— This is a strong signal to all of us. The fate of the dead birds — our destiny. Is our health. It is not just that the waxwings died an indicator of the ecological status or atmosphere or water sources, where they could drink, or settled material on the fruit apple.

Bird deaths interested local veterinarians. The bodies of birds sent for examination to the laboratory. Since then, almost a week has passed already, but the results promise to be called no earlier than Friday. Experts explain this by the need for a complex series of tests that will give exact causes avian plague.


Igor Mosunov, Channel "Eurasia» (
Meanwhile, thousands of kilometers away, or rather in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, "rampage" drunken waxwings, and judging by their behavior differs little from their Kazakh counterparts, only the said St. Petersburg Ornithologists blame rowan, you see it begin to ferment, Naver in EKR no ash and therefore nothing to roam, but it would not Kazakh ptitselyuby bred to arms. Yes, there are now waxwings go, not like before, neinache the Chinese fake.

In Leningrad residents complain of "drunk" birds

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21.11.12.V suburb of St. Petersburg — Sestroretsk — appeared "drunk" bird. Birds feed on ash, fermented because of the warm and wet weather, reports 100TV.

It is, and waxwings. According to local residents, the birds can not fly in a straight path, hit a snag, fall and fight in the window.

Waxwings are unable to digest the implications of the meal, because they have short intestines. Because of this, ethanol is rapidly degraded in the liver of birds and large do not have time to fully be absorbed into the blood.

One individual waxwings per day can eat its own weight. Ornithologists fear that the "drunkenness" can have a negative impact on bird populations.

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