In Astrakhan, Novorossiysk flowered lilac!



23.10.12.V Astrakhan watches rare anomaly: in the city and parts of the area in droves lilacs bloom. Lilac blooms usually in the spring, but not in the 20 days of October.
"A pleasant surprise in the form of blooming lilacs greeted me yesterday in the country. Maybe after the summer, in October again? "- Wrote in his blog on LiveJournal Astrakhanka Dean Izmailov (dn-izmailova). "In Astrakhan anomaly! Søren blossom! Why would it? O_O "- asks Xenia Fomin tweeted," said the father came)) and grandmother))) shorter end of the world is coming)) beguiled our Seren), "- says she's in a social network" Vkontakte ".

Meanwhile, the lilacs bloom in Astrakhan for the second consecutive fall. Same anomaly was observed in the previous year, as reported in his blog the Astrakhan Regional Duma deputy Sergei Saushin.

In Novorossiysk flowered lilac

22.10.12.Kusty lilacs bloomed in Novorossiysk in the courtyards of houses of several residents. So, lilac flowers bloom in the garden of the Albina Zagorsk living on the street Arshintseva. 

"The bush is not blooming for forty years! In the fall, as expected, the lilac leaves dropped, and recently gave the green shoots and covered with flowers. In the morning I went out and gasped: What a surprise " — Told the newspaper she "Novorossiysk worker." Blooming lilac watches and resident Shota Rustaveli Vladimir Serdyuk.


"In all my life I do not remember such a phenomenon. In my youth I used to steal lilac to buy a beautiful girl. But that was in May. Now I give lilac spouse, including the October " — The man said. According to the head of the laboratory, "Dendro" Novorossiysk Polytechnic Institute Yuri Malykhina similar natural phenomenon typical of the Krasnodar region.

"It is normal for the Krasnodar and Stavropol Krai. Is typical of plants, including the fruit, after a hot summer shed their leaves, and with a further warming blossom. There were times when Novorossiysk lilacs bloomed in December, for example, in 2010. To the south it is quite normal, " — Said Yu Malykhin.

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