In Astrakhan, observed an unusual phenomenon. Photo


Photo: Diana Khasyanova

27.01.12.V night of January 27 in different areas of Astrakhan region was observed for a rare optical phenomenon of our seats.

According to witnesses, it was something like the Northern Lights — hovering in the night sky light poles pink and white flowers. To photograph the event, most Astrakhan failed due to poor lighting.

We asked for a comment to the head of the Astrakhan Weather Service forecasts Faith Yakhyaeva. According to Vera Petrovna, it was the so-called optical light poles. Their arrival caused a polarization of light by small ice crystals:

"At night, showered weak snow, and it reflects the light. Perhaps this is due to magnetic storms on the sun, can be reached us their echoes. Earlier in Astrakhan seen similar posts around the sun. But around all light sources, even around the lamp posts — for the first time. "

In general, according to the expert, it is physical and not a meteorological phenomenon.

Author: Alina beliefs

Photo: Diana Khasyanova

Source: ID "Province",  Astra News

Photo: Diana Khasyanova

Photo: Diana Khasyanova

In aurora over Astrakhan Gazprom may be to blame

27.01.12.Po Received information, reason for the unusual aurora observed over Astrakhan tonight could be incident on the Astrakhan gas processing plant.

Told "Provintsii.Ru" one of the employees, who asked not to name, on the night of 26 to 27 January at the factory at night was an emergency. Because of the extreme cold blown pipe with hydrogen. None of the employees was hurt.

During disturbances in the process is a big plume of Gazprom gas emissions, making them burn especially bright. On a previous emergency on Gazprom Astrakhan in the sky also observed flashes of light.

However, in the emergency department in the Astrakhan region information about the explosion is not confirmed. A press-service of the company did not return phone calls.

Author: Alex Romanenko

Source: ID "Province"

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