In Azerbaijan, a landslide destroyed the road


20.09.11.Segodnya in Azerbaijan has fallen into the river part of Lankaran-Lerik highway passing through the village of Lankaran region Shovu. The cause of the landslide was caused by the two-day downpour.

The landslide occurred around 17.00 local time between 15 and 28 km of road. As the representative of the head of the executive power of Lankaran on territorial unit PBO Orudj sorbet, as a result of rampant flooding disaster as two private houses.

It is now expected to support mitigation, APA reports.

Bad weather caused problems in energy supply and territory. Also caused damage to more than 300 households. Heavy rains hamper measures to eliminate the consequences of the disaster, reports with reference to ANS TV.

Recall that on the night of August 18 on the side of Bail in Sabail district of Baku landslide occurred. As a result, suffered a house, the walls of which cracks.

Source: Caucasian Knot

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