In Berlin, more frequent attacks of crows on human


23.05.12.Nedavno been attacked 40-year-old resident of Prenzlauer Berg. Thorsten Alsleben was on the phone when he was attacked a few birds, and the owner of the kiosk H. Baris says that from time to time watch as crows peck and pull the hair people passing by.

Urban gray crows, large birds weighing up to 1 kg, particularly aggressive from March to June, because in this period, they protect the nest. "It was like in the movie" The Birds "by Alfred Hitchcock" — says Alsleben.

According to the World Conservation Union, in Berlin to live up to 5000 pairs of crows. They are protected, although reports of new attacks appear every spring. Thus, in May 2010, in a park at the German theater was so aggressive birds that place had to be temporarily shut off. Now the situation is getting worse.

Ravens fly into the city, because there is more food than in the countryside. Birds get used to a person, and not to fear it, and ready to attack. Often the attack involved a whole flock. The city has an inscription, warning against aggressive birds. Adopted a number of measures: waste containers tightly closed and picnic lovers call take-food waste that can attract not only crows and rats and foxes, according to Die Welt.

Source:  Euromag

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