In Canada, a meteorite fell. Video


16.12.11.Astronomy of Ontario want to see the witness, who was able to determine the location of a meteorite, which pierced the sky to the east of Toronto late Monday. Scientists also want to get the remains of the meteorite. It is reported that a celestial body about the size of a basketball.

According to the network tracking celestial bodies at the University of Western Ontario, celestial body was seen about 18 hours. Observers conjectured that before the fall of the meteorite could break up into small fragments weighing about one hundred grams.

Alleged place of a meteorite is the lake shore Upper Stony Lake.

Scientists expected that from Monday to Thursday in the province of Ontario will see the meteor shower, which came to us from a distance. However, this has come as a meteorite or not connected to the "Star Rain" — according to astronomers.
Observers from the university were able to trace the trajectory of the fall of the heavenly bodies, they even managed to film this fall on the camcorder.

Now, just be able to determine from which part of the galaxy to our meteorite arrived on Earth.

Video uploaded Citada Pasaule

Source: SDNNET , , WesternUniversity

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