In Canada, there is a sharp cold snap

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January 25, 2013. After the air masses from the Arctic occupied almost all of Canada and part of the United States, in these States is experiencing record low temperatures. Minimum temperature in the Canadian Northwest Territories was? 43,1 ° C.

In Ottawa, the surface of all buildings icebound, even crackled walls of ice sheet contraction. Fortunately, the structure withstood the torture, and none of the people living in them was hurt. But from hypothermia in Toronto, one person died. In the city of Royun, Quebec, the thermometer dropped to? 40,3 ° C, which is even lower than the temperature in Yakutsk, Russia (? 38,8 ° C). In the capital of the United States is too early to talk about any temperature records, but there is held subzero temperature (≥ 6 ° C against? 26 ° C in February 1899).

The cold snap felt by even the residents of the southern U.S. states of Virginia and Ohio. Air remain colder than normal before the next week. From such a frost even pets refuse to go out for a walk. In the eastern regions of Canada canceled classes in schools. 5,000 homes in Quebec due to frost were left without electricity. Hard for those who live in the area affected by Sandy, since there is not all homes, domestic services are operating at full power.

In Montreal and Toronto temporary night shelter for the homeless became overcrowded due to the cold snap. In New York and Connecticut have opened centers of heating, where anyone can go and spend some time to warm up.

In the evening, Jan. 22, 2013 in Chicago, there was a fire highest grade. More than 200 firefighters and a third of all fire trucks in the city for five hours putting out the flames. Water from fire hoses immediately froze — eventually formed around this place incredible ice sculptures.



"The Day After Tomorrow" in reality

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January 25, 2013. Very cold air from Canada brought abnormally low temperature in the United States. In many states, the population was in extremely harsh conditions.

"Those people who work outdoors, have to be careful"? said on Wednesday, "CNN en" meteorologist Chad Myers. Authorities said the first victims of severe frosts: in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois have died from hypothermia three people.

In the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, where the air is distributed in the United States, temperature dropped to £ 45.

In the city of Presque Isle, Northern Maine, on Wednesday was that? 24 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, frost reached the criteria of the "dog cold"? No. 33. Given the strong wind people feel even colder.

Meteorologists say that one of the weeks of winter is traditionally get very cold. But since it is only one week of the year, people forget about the event and are not always prepared for such cold weather.

Horrible picture on the theme of global cooling can be seen these days in Chicago staff Illinois. As a result of the joint activities of nature and man covered warehouse building, where on Tuesday night there was a major fire that turned into a natural backdrop for filming disaster movie of the series "The Day After Tomorrow."

Fire burning warehouse abundantly watered with water, which in extremely cold rolled neighborhood in catastrophic ice landscapes.

The only ones who do not lose heart — is the street vendors of hot dogs and coffee. Demand for their products in the cold days grew a record.

U.S. National Weather Service predicts that the cold weather will last for a week.

© John Gress | Reuters

© John Gress | Reuters

© John Gress | Reuters

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