In Chelyabinsk, continues to collect funds for the treatment year-old girl


15.02.12.V Chelyabinsk continues to raise funds for the two-year treatment Katie Klimishin. As you know, the girl's rare disease that requires expensive treatment.

Kate doctors signed the verdict, when she was only eighteen months. Save the girl could only drug from Germany. One bottle of medication costs 320 rubles. The initial cycle of treatment will cost about two million. Already a committee, which will determine the amount of money for the girl's treatment of the regional budget.

"At this moment the question of the allocation of funds from the budget is decided by the Ministry of Social Relations and the Ministry of Health — said Margarita Pavlova, Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Chelyabinsk region. — But we can already say that this amount will not be quite big, can not cover all the treatment. Here without sponsorship, no charity can not do. "

Requisites to help Katie Klimishin.

For individuals:
Sberbank of Russia with a passport in the number of the card number 639002729008801398 or with your card to an ATM.

For legal entities:
Chelyabinsk branch № 8597
INN 7707083893
KPP 745302001
OKPO 09278955
BIC 047501602
c / a 30101810700000000602 in GRKC Bank of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region
c / a 47422810472009940001
Personal account of the recipient 40817810672007602397
Name Recipient Klimishin Natalia Pavlovna.
All necessary documents can provide.

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Source: STRC Southern Urals

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