In Chelyabinsk started registration of private farms


17.08.12.Tsyplyat believe not only in the autumn. In Chelyabinsk is a big consideration of private households. Scribes are detailed descriptions of each backyard and enter data in specific pohozyaystvennye book. However, to open the gate so guests do not rush it.

Only in one area of Chelyabinsk Traktorozavodsky about 4500 yards, and the scribes have to knock on the door of every house. Who do you live here, what you have here is growing? Who are grunts, buzzes or grunts? Each time farm owner ask very personal questions. Jamila Yusupov decided to answer them honestly and no one has to hide. "I called all the chickens, they all came — said Jamila Yusupov. — Chicken, do not hide. And I even hid one, but what does it mean? "

But so warmly greeted scribes few. Fear is full of many backyard. Someone thinks that the threshold robbers or Gypsies hypnotists, someone is afraid of sectarian or intrusive network marketing distributors. But even when an employee of the district administration shows identity, fears persist. Owners of farms immediately recall census 20s with dispossession and draconian taxes. "The census is carried out in order to just be aware of it, — says Vladimir Gorbunov, head Traktorozavodskogo district of Chelyabinsk. — No later levies additional taxes will not be. Do not be afraid. "

Large private farms account is needed in order to see what the private sector of the city lives and how it develops. When all the trees and berry bushes counted, all pigs are recorded and taken into account all the tractors, the data are entered into special pohozyaystvennye book. Extract from it require, for example, guardianship, when a house in which they live with small children, are going to sell. "If the transaction statement of households recording is required, — emphasizes Oksana Kalabuhova, deputy chief of public amenities and housing administration Traktorozavodskogo district. — This book is kept in the administration of 75 years. "

The book is filled only in the presence of the owner of the private backyard, instead guarantee complete confidentiality. Promise: to open the secrets of each household may only in the interest of the owner or his heirs.

Xenia Komissarov, Stanislav Vishnitsky

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Source: STRC Southern Urals

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