In China, a landslide killed 42 people. Photos from the

January 11, 2013. Victims landslide in the south-west of China were 42 people. These data are transferred from the affected area today Xinhua news agency.

The tragedy occurred in the early morning in the county Chzhensyun Yunnan Province. It is reported that the powerful stream of mud covered dwellings Gaopo 16 families of the village. To date, confirmed the death of 42 man, 2 more were injured. The exact number of people trapped under the rubble of destroyed houses is not yet known. On the spot landslide continue search and rescue work.

In connection with the case vice-president Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao demanded that the appropriate services to do everything possible to save lives, prevent repeated landslides and evacuate injured people from the dangerous area.


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