In China in 1200 schoolchildren food poisoning


In China, the 1200 students hospitalized with food poisoning. Photo from

2.04.12.Informatsionny Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in China, announced that on March 29 in rural Guizhou province more than 1,200 school children were hospitalized with food poisoning.

Parents of affected children have come to the government building, and demanded an explanation from the officials, and the government meanwhile called a special police squad to disperse the demonstration. The incident caused widespread concern.

Morning of 29 March in the village of Baba district Chzhitszin urban district ARCHWAY Guizhou Province was a mass food poisoning of schoolchildren. Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy in China, said that on that day more than 1,200 school children were hospitalized with various symptoms of food poisoning (stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea), local hospitals were overwhelmed. There is also information on the deaths. But authorities deny this information and say that this is a rumor.

Parents whose children have been taken to hospitals, organized a demonstration at the government building, demanding that authorities said the true cause of the incident. However, the local authorities refused to talk and sent a special police squad to suppress the demonstrators. Official sources said 86 people were taken to hospital for treatment, but denied allegations of deaths.

The day after the incident of mass poisoning in Guizhou Province, Song Kungayev, chairman of the Chinese dairy association in the central channel of China's CCTV, said: "Now the Chinese dairy products have higher quality."

Residents also say that after the scandal that occurred four years ago about the poisoned milk powder with melamine, is still the problem of food safety in China continues to escalate.

The culprit of food poisoning — Yogurt

In the village of Baba Chzhitszin County on March 26, a program on "Improving the nutrition of students in rural schools." Supplier breakfasts for 17 primary schools with 5,000 students is the dairy company "Shanhua." After the use of its products, happened 29 food poisoning.

The newspaper "Eastern daily" reported that the morning of 29 March students of primary school in the village of Baba after breakfast (yogurt and a roll) one by one became ill. Fifth grade student Yan Jing said that all of his classmates became ill, and in the audience suddenly began confusion, some crying with pain in the abdomen, the other from dizziness lay on the table, the third started vomiting. Everything was rushed to hospital.

Teachers reported in the local media that, starting from March 26, the first day of the program to "improve the quality of nutrition of students in rural schools," many students of food poisoning happened dairy products, and in recent days the number of cases increased.

After the incident, the relevant departments of the remaining breakfasts sent for analysis to a laboratory, there have determined that the culprit of food poisoning is yogurt.

In China, the frequent scandals related to the quality of food, which is why children suffer. Last October, in the central Chinese province of Shanxi was mass food poisoning of children in the school canteen. It was recently reported that the use of dairy calcium and fish oil in infants causes the development of rickets.

Lyudmila Demin

Source: The Epoch Times


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