In China, the raging wind storm and fire

In China, the raging wind storm and fires Natural Disasters

In remote areas of north-west China has the strong winds that caused sandstorms. Reported the destruction of residential buildings and several fires. In the south of the autonomous region of Xinjiang Yugur, including the city of Turpan, in the central and western provinces of Gansu and Ningxia, in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, a state of emergency. Residents encouraged to carry a respiratory mask and be extremely cautious.

At the moment, reported one killed. 165 homes have some degree of damage. Wind gusts that reached 117 km / h, were mostly damaged roofs. To the east of Turpan wind speeds approaching 180 km / h In the city recorded gusts of 90 km / h In putting out 17 fires involved 200 people. On local roads because of sand suspended in the air and smoke from fires is a very bad visibility.

However, for the most part of China, especially in the east, rains of medium strength and showers.

Wind storm in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China. April 22, 2012.

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