In Crimea, the birds are dying from the heat


15.06.12.V stuffy offices shuttles and we pine away in the heat. Fans, air conditioning, cold water — people are saved from the scorching sun as they can. But the feathered inhabitants of the peninsula are killed by heat, because other than the person to help them to no one.

In dry hot weather, when not that puddles do not find sparrows and chickadees, and even rivers dry up, the birds are killed on the fly. Dead they fall to the ground. First because of the high temperatures and lack of oxygen in the air, the sick and the dying old birds. As explained by ecologists, birds can live only in a very narrow temperature range. For example, a sparrow killed when their body temperature rises to
47 degrees, and for other deadly bird's body temperature is 46 degrees. If the crows will fly once more to the nearest pond, the exhausted heat sparrows, chickadees, woodpeckers, thrushes, pigeons, oddly enough, do not be.

Birds have their natural methods to combat heat wave. Simferopoltsy noticed how small birds literally choked the streets. It turns out, rapid breathing prevents overheating bird brain. But if it continues to experience heat stress and exhausted all ways to deal with overheating, followed by a critical temperature rise — heat stroke.

As the environmentalists, with heat stroke have feathered curved neck, eyes mow the bird loose, starts to back away, moves in a circle and falls.

Ornithologists say birds plague can cause acute liver and kidneys, which are birds in the summer heat. Here is the opinion of the Crimean environmentalists divided. Ecologist Alfred Dulitsky believes that the death of birds not to blame the heat, and the epidemic. Birds can and do get to the water. Veterinarians should also make an examination of dead birds. Alexander Rudyk, Lecturer, Department of Geoecology Tauride National University. Vernadsky did not rule out that the epidemic is possible, but still advises citizens to help birds in the summer heat:

— Touching sick or dead birds, if you are not an expert, do not. But to put in their yards drinkers, feeders do — easy. There will be birds and drink and cool off. And you will save a bird from thirst.

In the country or in a private courtyard for water birds can be poured into a container, and apartment buildings in the courts is better to put water bottle for birds, made out of plastic bottles.

Thirst tormented not only birds, but also stray cats and dogs. Unfortunately, even those drinkers who have in some yards, kicking kids, turn haters animals.

At the railway station in Simferopol tourists from Kamenetz-Podolsk in a plastic cup to pour water birds and childish joy at the sight of the common sparrow.

— In our city, see the sparrow — a rarity. They simply disappeared — tell visitors.

Do we want the same fate befell the Simferopol?

Julia Cisar

Source: Crimean Truth

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