In Dagestan cattle murrain


13.02.12.U Dagestan livestock animals die, not enough food. Deputy Prime Minister Murat Shahsaidov together with specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture, toured Kuta Rutul, Kulinskaya and Akushinsky areas. The situation is not catastrophic, but the farmers in a panic — what to feed the sheep and cows? 

This is the third bag feed. Lambs in severe frosts eat a lot, says Mohammed Kuniev. Some even died from the cold. At -35 even in heated fold freezing. Need to constantly force the animals to run, or freeze. This winter in the plains of Dagestan was not long ago. Therefore, how to prepare and are recognized shepherds. 

Case is, but not such as to call the situation catastrophic. Feeds are provided, just the other day here brought several tons of hay. Pastoralists Kurban Kurbanov talk about their problems, particularly the shortage of food, the lack of gas and water. Head of the Office of the Republican transhumance, like no other, has all the information.

In Rutuls situation deplorable. Feed they have prepared as necessary. Hoping the winter will be warm. But there it was, the snow fell, and now even in fields of animals can not get enough. The grass under the snow, digging sheep are not used, so the bounds-bounds, where it will find and eat. Deputy Prime Minister Murat Shikhsaidov says that in 2010, the year it was much worse. Then all of the fields were covered with a layer of ice. Now the situation livestock suits him. But the situation with young vineyards and gardens are concerned, said Deputy Prime Minister.

In the aftermath of the unprecedented cold weather across the country operate a government commission. They count the damage in LCD and selskkogo economy. All collected materials will be sent to Moscow. Federal Center promised to help with the money. Currently, it is estimated, in the Republic of frost damage by 6 billion rubles.

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Source: RGVK "Dagestan"

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