In Donduseni sea birds. Video


24.01.12.V Donduseni was recorded massive sea birds. Residents of the city are concerned about this event. Head of the Veterinary Public Health and safety of animal products, Yuri Wenger commented on the situation in the region, if not alarming, although signals of deaths of birds came to him, not only from the city but also from villages moshav and Corbin.

According to George Wenger, citizens, faced with plague poultry should apply to free-practicing veterinarian, who will need help. The area has 12 such doctors, including one in the city, and control over their activities, the district veterinary service.

The most common disease in poultry is psevdochuma and pasteurellosis. Currently, the district veterinary office has received 60,000 doses of vaccine against psevdochumy and vaccination of poultry will be conducted by experts throughout the area for free.

Source: Meridian TV Moldova

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