In East Kazakhstan again recorded fish kills


17.09.12.Ocherednoy fish kills recorded in ASD, this time in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Dead perch and minnows were found in the river near Mahovka Sogra correspondent

Along Mahovki are numerous suburban tracts. Therefore the first to sound the alarm, seeing floating in the water belly-up fish, vacationers.

— Specialists Prosecutor, Department of Environment EKO management Gossanepidnadzor Ust-Kamenogorsk, Zaisan-Irtysh basin Interregional Inspectorate of Fisheries sixth of September went to the place fish kills, — the specialized environmental prosecutor ASD junior counselor of justice Ersyn Shynybaev. — Produced water sampling, fish taken for analysis.

The results of the study told us in the Altai branch of LLC "KazNIIRH."

— Small scale freeze. Died young of fish netsennyh rocks, — the director Roman KazNIIRH Savinkov. — The reason — a strong water pollution Mahovke phosphates, nitrates. Also revealed a rather high content of hydrogen sulfide. That is, frankly stinks water sanitation. We gave the conclusion that the source of contamination can be of household garbage, manure from the fields, household chemicals or tools for car washing.

Previously reported that the fish kills were recorded not long ago in Ube around Ridder.

— In this incident we directed instruction in DVD VKO on pre-investigation — informed Ersyn Shynybaev.

As for the case to keep warm, then some action on the part of the prosecutor's office will be accepted only after the determination of the source of "poisoning" of water. The department offers the results of analyzes of the state sanitary.
Elena Suprunova

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