In Ecuador, began a new eruption of Tungurahua. Video


28.11.11.Zvuk gun shots sounded from the depths of the volcano Tungurahua, warned of the impending danger of the villagers and Chakauko cat (s Tinguraua), Bilbao and Penipe (Chimborazo province), which led to the immediate activation of emergency plans in the two provinces.

It happened at 17:00 Sunday. The greatest danger posed by the new reactivation of the volcano in the heart of the Andes of Ecuador, was the fall of pyroclastic streams on the western slope of the mountain, which started at 17:30.

During an overnight trip from areas close to the volcano, officials of the Secretariat's risk management did not rule out the possibility of evacuation, but the residents of relative calm, assuring them that they are accustomed to co-exist with a colossus, who was in constant activity for almost 12 years. Francisco Rosero, president of the Parish meeting in Bilbao, located in the high volcanic risk, explained that at about 18:00 last Sunday of the surrounding fields large enough ash fall was heard strong roar. For some of the locals this was the reason to go to the evacuation center of the village of La Paz, others have decided to stay. If volcanic activity increased, residents evacuated voluntarily, they are constantly in touch with the military and police said Rosero.

Due to enhanced volcanic Tinguraua, authorities closed the highway Baños Penipe. Yesterday morning peak colossus was clearly visible against the background of a cloudless sky, there was a constant pillar burst of steam with a moderate amount of ash to a height of 3 km. According to Liliana Troncoso responsible volcanologist of the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School, from 17:00 Sunday Tungurahua began showing signs of increased volcanic activity, similar to those in May and December 2010. The eruption began with four aftershocks were recorded on the slopes of some fumaroles. Risk to the public is an ongoing release of pyroclastic jets. This morning (02:00) three small stream of molten lava and rocks observed on the southern side, they spread down to 1 km from the crater. Also, hear the constant roar of the visually derived from the bowels of the volcano, which causes tremors glass windows of the houses at a distance of 14 km, indicated on the web page of the institution. Volcanologists regard as highly active new eruption.

Tungurahua volcano (Tungurahua), 5016 meters high, is located 135 km from the capital of Ecuador, shows volcanic activity since 1999 — the periods of activity followed by periods of relative calm. In the vicinity of the volcano are several settlements, including the tourist attraction of Ecuador — Baños, with 15 000 inhabitants. In December 2010, the authorities announced the maximum degree of danger (red), which led to the evacuation of settlers and tourists.

Source: Ecuador Today

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