In Emanzhelinsk village explosion in apartment buildings


22.05.12.V Zauralskiy Emanzhelinsk village area in a building explosion.

Indoor demolished interior partitions between rooms, and supporting walls shifted by a few centimeters. This "UralPolit.Ru" reported today, May 22, the press service of the administration Emanzhelinsk municipal area.

PE occurred in the village on Monday, May 21. At the scene, immediately left emergency services. The apartment is on the third floor heater exploded. Tenants in the apartment was not. Smashed all the windows, internal damage localized in the explosion.

Damaged several neighboring apartments, flooded apartment downstairs. The explosion working gas workers, firefighters, police, local experts of the management company. This also gains the district head Eugene light, and also the first deputy head Pavel Demin. According to the latter, the preliminary damage is estimated in the region of one million rubles.

Source: UralPolit.Ru

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