In Estonia, the full flowering dandelions


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7.11.11.Myagkaya fall weather has had such a profound effect on the plants that bloomed dandelions again, wolf berries and even some apple trees. November promises to be quite warm, but over the winter to say anything definite yet difficult.

"In Tartu, since 1865 has been warmer than this year, for 29 years" — described the current weather climatologist Ain Kallis, noting that the last time almost as autumn was in 2008.

According to the Estonian Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, the average temperature in October of this year was 6,9-10,5 degrees, at the same time the year before the figure was only 3,3-7,3 degrees.

Cranes have not flown
"As always in the fall, the current October was the warmest in the islands — said Kallis. — The islands were a few degrees warmer than normal average temperature on the mainland, as the sea is warmer than the mainland. "

Can a warm autumn presage the onset of warmer winter? "That no one will say, as has often happened that even in November was still quite soft, and then comes extremely harsh January — recalled Kallis. — Our climate is based on the import of weather, so just never be assumed that there will be more. "

Callis said that in November this year seems to be going on a fairly warm waters and many major meteorological suggest that the winter can be quite soft.

"But Russia's weather service says that this winter will be quite normal — said Kallis. — This means that the winter will not be so soft, that's really what it was ten years old, but with the frost, and how she should be in your region. "

Callis said that the amount of precipitation in the fall remained fairly average. "In the area of Tartu in October, they were less likely, and in Estonia in general, now 80 percent of the average rainfall, — he explains. — So, a little bit dry. This is also observed by other people, as in South Estonia, the water in the wells is much lower than usual. "

Kallis has suggested, it is possible, it is fine days are the reason that cranes have not flown in warm countries. "When the cranes fly away, there comes a harsh time. Can still be seen wading cranes in different parts of our country, — he told. — Nature itself shows that it is still not so bad. "

Thus, some plants have moved to the new cycle and live in spring. "For example, I have a cottage in Põlvamaa recently re apple blossom like spring back — said Kallis. — And chanterelles in the woods more readily available. In Sweden, they say, even strawberry blossoms. "

Threat of frost
Methodist Tallinn Botanic Garden Urmas Laansoo also noted that some plants that usually bloom in the spring, autumn bloom again.

"For example, Wolfberry blooms in the spring, in April-May, and the Botanical Gardens, it has blossomed again — shared Laansoo. — And now, dandelion is also quite a lot. " Quite unusually, oriental poppies bloom now, and primrose, usually bloom in May.

Laanso said that now more Puzyrnikov bloom. If now came the cold, as sometimes happens in November, according Laansoo, watch this phenomenon would be quite impossible.

"While in Tallinn have already been weak frosts, the Botanical Garden this was not observed, — said Laansoo. — Night frosts, no doubt, will put an end to many flowering plants. " He explained that the cold will kill the buds and fruits of them have not formed, and then the plants start to winter.

"If the kidneys are swollen, there is nothing good about it. Young shoots are injured by frost, — warns Laansoo. — But, as a rule, nothing really terrible happens. After all, natural plants existed thousands of years and have seen in my time very different times. "

Laansoo said that in the fall bloom is nothing special. Almost every year, there were reports that, here and there in the fall observed flowering Globe, marigold or coppice.

"In addition, there are some plants that bloom in the fall really a long time if there are no strong night frosts. For example, these include the milfoil, "- said Laansoo.

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