In Hînceşti car sank into the ground. Video

Karst holes

21.04.12.Arheologicheskaya find in Hincesti. Span tunnel networks, dating back to the 19th century, was discovered after a car fell in the middle of the road — An eighteen hole. 

This is not the first time detected in Hincesti old tunnels.

"A week ago, one of the tunnels filled five trucks of sand. Today, it is a failure machine. We plan to remove the top layer of asphalt, cover this stretch of road with sand and well compacted it to transport could not normally go, "- said the mayor Hincesti Alexander Botnari.

"Many people say that the tunnels built Manuk Bey. Unfortunately, there is not any documentation on this, and the plans of the underground galleries that would help to avoid such incidents, "- noted architect Hincesti Georgi Petrov.

City officials say they want to turn the tunnel into a tourist attraction, but it requires 70 million lei. This amount does not yet have city hall.



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