In India, drought destroys crops


3.07.12.Fermery India sounding the alarm. The delay of the rainy season leads to the death of crops. The situation will become critical if the next 2 weeks will not be heavy precipitation.

Monsoon season in India lasts from June to September. This period is the time to farm work. The agricultural sector in India, the third largest economy of Asia, brings 15% of GDP. It's about $ 2 trillion. Good crops not only increases the prosperity of farmers, but also leads to an increase in domestic demand.

However, this year in June in India's rainfall was 23% below normal. In June 2011, rainfall was 10.7% above the norm. Sizzling hot this year is influenced by legume crops, cotton, rice and soybeans. In some areas of newly-planted crops killed by drought.

Source: NTD TV channel

At a time when one side of India on the other hand drought floods

29.06.12.Navodnenie in eastern India. Video

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