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The villagers them. Bukhar zhyrau can not understand the reason for mortality
Posted on 27/09/2012 by user karagandaNV

28.09.12.Anomalny animals die. In the village of Bukhara Zhyrau in the Karaganda region of mass killing pets. For six weeks the local veterinary service struggles with a mystery — what are poisoned cows and calves?

In this courtyard have forgotten the taste of milk. In Patimat Khasiev last winter killed six calves, now a new case. The hosts are confident that blame milk. So now the remaining calves fed hay and water.

Tells Patimat Khasiev, a resident of the village it. Bukhar Zhyrau "shut the evening — morning sick leave — one, two. We stopped at the suction release. I think, in the village no one drinks milk. "

Officially, in the village killed a total of 14 calves. According to estimates of people, their twice. In this case, there is not a veterinarian, IA "Kazakh-grain." Treats local vetinspektor cows. He assured that the animals are poisoned grass.

Says Azatbek Balapanov, gosvetsaninspektor District Committee vetkontrolya territorial inspection and supervision, "I suspect the only food. This year a lot of herbs, which has never happened before. "

According to one theory, the cause of poisoning is covered here. This conventional strip fenced place where once diluted pesticide spraying fields. They refueled aircraft. Here are buried the remains of toxic substances. Local veterinary service banned here grazing. But animals do not know how to read, and no one is watching.

Mysteriously appears and that the dead bodies of all the calves were clean. But their remains still burned. Samples of water and soil, including the airport, collected and sent to Astana. The examination will last 45 days. While calves are dying almost every day.

For local people is a real tragedy, because all farming is the only source of income.

Source: Kazakh-Grain

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