In Kazakhstan, a drought destroyed 300,000 hectares of crops. Video


24.07.12.Poka farmers count losses, grain prices in the international and domestic markets is rapidly coming up. The Ministry of Agriculture fears that it will lead to increase in the price of bread. The government is already calling state agencies on the ground in any way to keep the price of the product number one.

Sun-bleached spikelets and almost scorched earth — fields hopelessly tainted wheat extend for hundreds of kilometers. Such a pattern in Kostanay, Akmola, Karaganda and Aktobe regions. Heat dried it over three hundred thousand hectares of crops.

Agriculture Ministry has said that the crop will be written off. Throughout the country, only one third of grain is in good condition. Meanwhile, wheat prices around the world is rapidly coming up. Cost of a ton already reached $ 350. Abnormal heat burnt out field not only in Kazakhstan but also in the U.S., Europe, Ukraine and Russia — is the world's major grain exporters. However gravitelstvo advised not to panic and promises to prevent the growth of prices for both wheat and bread.

Asylzhan Mamytbekov, the Minister of Agriculture:

— Ministry of Agriculture for the holiday grains at a fixed price at any situation in the grain market, even if the price is $ 300 and above this price 28 thousand tenge not change. This allows the calculation to the price of bakery products 1 grade was unchanged.

In this difficult situation with grain already used dishonest market participants. In the West Kazakhstan region flour went up immediately by 40 percent.

In Pavlodar price of bread has risen — now it is 47 tenge. Dominant market — Pavlodar bakery plant, according antimonopolschikov, increased the value of illegally. During that bakers face a fine of 10 percent of all profits.

Lyudmila Derbasova, a resident of Pavlodar, Aktobe region:

— I have a small pension, all prices are constantly rising, and including the most necessary — the bread here and have to stand at the counter, and even in bread deny yourself.

While manufacturers of flour and bread to earn a drought, farmers have counted loss. Only in the Aktobe region decommissioned crops — 35% of the total. This is more than 200 thousand hectares of crops. In addition, due to the sultry weather field literally attacked by pests. Experts have already predicted the inevitable bankruptcy of farms.

Vladimir Tsygankov, Head. Department of Agricultural Experimental Station

— The situation is very complicated. This is regardless of whether small or large farm. Precipitation is not enough. Price, I think, has to rise for grain to at least partially cover the cost of farmers.

The current drought impact, obviously, not only on the owners acreage, but also the farmers. Farmers are worried that because of lack of food they need to cut cattle. Just before the farmers ordered to immediately help the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. And now the government promised that fail to provide food grain and feed every single region of the country. In addition, with the producers of flour and bread to sign a special memorandum — to prevent price increases.

Evgeny Bodrov, Dinara Ashirbekova Igor Kazantsev

Source: CTC

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