In Khabarovsk flowered lilac. Video


For the second time, this time in September, in Khabarovsk flowered lilac.

Posted on 19/09/2012 by user GuberniaTV

In the Rostov region of the fall bloomed lilac bush

White Lilac pleases locals
Photo: Svetlana Kamashina

18.09.12.V Constantinian city of Rostov region on Lenin Street, near house number 60, a white lilac bush bloomed. Passers-by stop and admire the smell is — in the spring! And then shake their heads:

— This is a bad sign, a bush to die, do not wake up in the spring.

Biologists folk omens deny.

— With sirens did not happen, — said Boris Kozlovsky, a senior fellow botanical garden. — This Chinese lilac — a hybrid of our own, ordinary, and Persian. Maximum impact — spring blossom bush is not so abundant.

Such a late flowering biologists associated with autumn is warm and rather dry summers. The fact is that because of the lack of rain trees "confused" seasons. So took the summer for the winter, the period of rest. In the fall when the rains thoroughly shed land, bush "thought" that it was the spring. And bloomed profusely.



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