In kindergartens Irkutsk put cameras


13.11.12.Do end of November 2012 CCTV system will be installed in five day care centers and three schools in Irkutsk. Now equipped with cameras 58 urban schools: 38 schools, 18 kindergartens and two institutions of further education. In addition, video surveillance systems are working in eight health care facilities and six cultural institutions.

At the moment in video surveillance systems still require 93 kindergartens, 49 educational institutions, 20 health facilities, 32 cultural institutions and three objects sports destination. Resources to ensure that these facilities are provided video cameras in the program "Safe City, "Which will be implemented in Irkutsk from 2013 to 2017.

Also, to ensure the safety of 81 children's educational institutions (40 schools and 41 kindergarten) will replace the fence. The same applies to the six urban institutions of further education. The budget for the purpose of Irkutsk in 2013 provided 30 million rubles. Scheduled maintenance and installation of new fencing in 15 kindergartens and 15 schools.

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