In Lima found dozens of Inca mummies




Dozens of mummies have been found by archaeologists in the way of the planned highway on the outskirts of the capital of Peru, near the graves of the Incas. Archaeologists have found 26 burial shrouds, each of which had one or more Inca mummies adults and children, dating from the years 1472-1532. "This site is a part of the greatest Inca burial in Peru", — said archaeologist Guillermo Cock, who signed a contract with the government of Lima to the survey site for the presence of artifacts before construction of a new highway. He found the Incas were once farmers and artisans. "This is a local settlers, we can now be described as middle class. Burial date back to the Inca Empire "- Kok said. He also said that these people were engaged in manufacturing of fabrics. "99 percent of the tools in the tombs were used for the production of textile products, from tailoring to color fabrics. There is a weaving needles and other accessories. Around the mummies were also found evidence of rituals prior to burial. There were wheat, beans, coca leaves and pots, "- said Kok. Despite the finding, the city announced that construction of the road will continue. "The work does not stop. This highway is necessary city. We will take the remains found in the museum for the preservation and study, "- said the representative of the local authorities Armando Molina. However, the archaeologist Federico Kauffman said that Peru would be better to not construct the tunnel in this place, because there may be made other discoveries (American TV channel CNN, NBC, Eng. Lang.).


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