In Lipetsk region blossomed cherry and apple trees



17.09.12.V Didi Mecsek that Hlevenskom area blossomed cherry and apple trees. Flowering plants small, each fruit tree suddenly two or three branches with petals. In this subtle scent, which is celebrated in the gardens in the spring, this time no.
— Recently, in our village started to get good yields of apricots and cherries. So many fellow countrymen have predicted that these southern trees also bloom. But for some reason this does not happen, — says a resident of the Big Mechka Roman Anosov.
According LipetskMedia known Lipetsk biologist Sergey Glazinov happening in the Lipetsk region flowering plants in September — an anomaly. Are widespread in the region after the hot summer of 2010. Flowering negative impact on the future harvest. Fruits or will not, or they do not zavyazhutsya.
— Plants go into winter unprepared, weak. To somehow support them — should cut the flower buds. But to feed the trees is strictly prohibited — advises Sergei Glazinov.

Why blossom trees in Moldova?

15.09.12.Zametila that the city (Balti) in late August, some of the trees have blossomed, including walnut and acacia. Friends say that digging potatoes, and she also started to sprout. What this could be the reason?


Michael Vronsky, a member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, said that this is possible due to the abnormally hot summer. 'Starting in April the average temperature is 2-3 degrees above normal. Over the summer, has collected about 350?-Plus, which is 20 days of summer. This has led to intense evaporation of moisture from the ground and exacerbated drought. Plants received very little moisture. After the recent rains, some plants "confused" with the spring and autumn bloom. This phenomenon occurs once every 3-5 years. Fruit, of course, trees do not have time to give. They will flower again next spring, but the flowers will be smaller than usual"- Explained Michael Vronsky.

Chestnut in September in Kiev

In Kiev in September blossomed young chestnut (09/17/2012)

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