In Lipetsk sea caught piranha + Review


28.07.11.V Matyrskom reservoir appeared piranhas. Exotic fish caught on a hook Lipetsk fisherman. An exceptional case — tropical predator in the middle zone not found.

Vladimir Korol — anglers with a decade of experience, but a miracle fish previously seen only on television. Surprise anglers no bounds.

Vladimir King, an amateur angler, "pulls out, and did not understand what it is. I thought I plucked a white bream. A friend shouted: "What are you doing there caught?" — And I do not understand. Then he went, said, as if like a piranha. "

Unusual catch at first lived in the house of Vladimir Mikhailovich, swam in the bath. But apparently, this ecosystem was lethal to fish. Now an amateur angler keeps it in the fridge — as a relic. Two hundred grams of weight, the size of a palm. Sharp teeth characteristic color, not at all scales. Piranha caught in the usual worm on Matyrskogo Dam Reservoir — one of the favorite fishing Lipetsk residents. Location of prey inhabit tropical rivers come from the middle zone in the water — remains anyone's guess. Version fishermen — piranha released aquarium fish lovers who are just fed up with this fun. However, some fishermen fear that exotic fish can flood the entire body of water or, even worse, attack the person. Sergei Tarasov predator on the hook did not come across. But he is sure that not a piranha scare fishermen and swimmers. Even if magically take root.

Sergei Tarasov, an amateur angler, "Predatory fish for us and besides enough piranha. I think it will not stand the competition. A pike is worth a perch. Therefore, I think it is not for our latitude this fish. "

Catch Vladimir Mikhailovich — the case for a single field — assured Protection Specialist aquatic resources Peter Rozhkov. Piranha often caught in the various rivers of the country — and the great harm they cause.

Peter Rozhkov, chief specialist of the protection and use of living aquatic resources management for the protection, use of wildlife and aquatic resources of the Lipetsk region, "Even if it is predatory — a lot of fodder for her — the same invertebrates, all sorts of worms, fish, insects Also vegetation — in our reservoir large supply of it all. A man attack — as a single copy — again it will not be, because she lacks the power. "

Experts claim that proliferate in our reservoir piranhas can not. Moreover, these warm-water fish are unlikely to survive the cold weather.

Source: STRC "Lipetsk"


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