In Malaysia after a landslide evacuated 300 people

V Malajzii opolzen

March 29, 2013. For the second time this year on a mountain slope in Subang Jaya Malaysia occurred landslide. Locals believe that the cause of the second episode was not so much the natural factors, how much is too slow pace of reconstruction after the first crash in the middle of February and sloppy work performed.

After landslide to all residents in homes near the site of the accident will have to be evacuated to neighboring homes their friends and relatives or to stay on the street. And the expectations of those who still remain without a home since February extended for an unknown period of time. According to witnesses, the March landslide much worse than the last, because the collapsed much more land. Rupture of water pipes has only aggravated the situation.

Locals fear that when the zone of occurrence of rains will come, will increase the risk of repeating the scenario several times. While a landslide No one was injured physically and did not die, but live in limbo 300 evacuees Malaysians extremely hard.


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