In Moscow the freezing rain

February 9, 2013. In Moscow on Saturday night was "freezing rain." Glaze greatly complicated such as pedestrians and vehicles.

As the correspondent of "Interfax", around midnight in the capital of the rain, the water falling on the cold ground, began instantly freeze, forming on sidewalks and roads icy crust. Precipitation immediately washed-icing agents, because of what the streets become very slippery. Pedestrians had difficulty walking on sidewalks that have become a real ice rink. The roads were also very slippery, which is why the majority of motorists for safety dropping speed of 40-50 km / h In this case, the frozen ice on the windows of vehicles significantly reduce visibility.

Saturday morning in the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations warned of a possible increase in road accidents because of ice in eight regions of Central, Southern and North-Western Federal District, as well as in Moscow.

Meanwhile, the Moscow airports, despite the last "ice rain"Working in normal mode. This was "Interfax" on Saturday, said a source in the Moscow aviation hub of air traffic control services. "All airports are operating normally. The coefficient of adhesion chassis and the road surface is high, go to the alternate aerodromes not "- he said.

Source agency explained that the long delays of flights at airports not. Minor delays are related to the need deicing treatment airfields and aircraft de-icing treatment. However, he recommended that passengers get to the airport by train. "Because of the past" freezing rain "on the roads of traffic jams and accidents are possible, so we recommend the use of rail transport, for example, AEROEXPRESS to get to the airport," — he added.

The head of Corporate Communications of the Moscow Railway Vladimir Mjagkov informed "Interfax" that "freezing rain" did not affect the movement of suburban electric trains. "Moscow Railway road operating normally. "Ice rain "did not affect the movement of trains," — he said.

As said Saturday Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, for the 2012-2013 winter season on Moscow already hit some "freezing rain." "The number of" freezing rain "was during this winter season is six. This is an anomaly, "- he said at a meeting with journalists. At the same time, he said, "freezing rain" in Moscow do not go every year.

In turn, the deputy mayor of the capital for Housing and Public Works Pyotr Biryukov said that "freezing rain"It is difficult to predict. "We had about two inches of snow on the night between Friday and Saturday, but the night went precipitation in the form of rain," — said Biryukov.

Source: Interfax


Moscow globally icy

© Roman Shmel'kin | Gismeteo

February 9, 2013. The residents of the Russian capital will soon begin to shake the mere mention of ice. Before the events of December 2010, many do not even heard of, and now not only know but also regularly face.

Another thin layer of transparent ice, roll up everything — from cars to sidewalks — was the result of falling freezing precipitation at slabootritsatelnoy temperature. Since the past few days, Moscow and all of Central Russia is in a zone removal of warm and humid Mediterranean air, the sleet as no surprise to meteorologists. Adverse weather phenomenon appeared in the weather forecasts for a few more days. However, its intensity, as always, raised questions.

Physics of the phenomenon is quite simple. Warm, and therefore more light air trod on a wedge of cold. As a result, cloud layer which formed precipitation was warmer temperature reached 3, whereas it remained slabootritsatelnoy lots from ≥ 1 to ≥ 3 °. Precipitation occurred in the liquid phase in contact with a cold surface (expensive cars, trees, etc.), immediately cover the entire crust of ice.

In fact, weak sleet with the fallout of supercooled drizzle and light rain was observed over the past two days. But as the phenomenon was not intensive, no one except the meteorologists did not notice. However, on the night of Friday to Saturday from south-west came the new, more powerful wave of heat. It was preceded by a warm front in the area of which was supercooled rain. Rainfall was greater, so the intensity of the ice turned out great.

Morning many motorists began with a daunting task of opening doors and scraping ice from the car windows. By noon, the temperature passed through zero to positive values, and the ice began to break down. Recurrence of such events in the next 7-10 days is not expected.

Meanwhile, the ice took place not only in Moscow, but in the eight regions of Central, Southern and North-Western regions. On some sections of the route M2 ("Crimea") and M4 ("Don") at night there was a difficult road conditions. Glaze deposits on wires and trees were observed in the Bryansk, Kursk, Smolensk, Moscow and Tula regions. Day back in the Volgograd region of Kalmykia and the thickness of glaze deposits reached 16 mm.

© Roman Shmel'kin | Gismeteo

© Roman Shmel'kin | Gismeteo

Source: News Gismeteo

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