In New Mexico, you can not cope with the fire

In New Mexico, you can not cope with the fire Natural Disasters

In a remote area of New Mexico called the Gila long time practically without burning a large area of forest. The fire was lightning strikes on the forest massif is May 9. May 16 formed another heat source, which is connected with the last May 23. Contributes to the spread of fires, hot weather and wind gusts of 60-80 km / h Visiting the national monument "Gila Cave Dwellings" temporarily closed.

The team of firefighters from the United States to cope with fire.
By this time the fire has destroyed more than 916.5 km2 of forests in the south-western part of the state. It is comparable in size with almost two in Chicago. Involved in fire fighting team of 1,257 firefighters, but as of June 2, 2012 they were able to cope with only 15% of the fire. Suppression prevents the mountainous landscape and constantly Rolling down the slopes of the huge stones, life-threatening fire. Withered by the heat juniper, pine needles and grass fires help to grow by leaps and bounds. Already used "rope" technology of fire when firefighters transported to distant places by helicopter and down to earth on the ropes. At the moment, involving 10 helicopters.
It is reported that Uilou Creek burned 12 seasonal cottages. All evacuees until undertake to remain in temporary shelters. Because of the smoke that has spread in the surrounding area, the Glenwood, children and adults with health problems, it is recommended to stay at home and do not expose themselves to danger. Smoke can not unwind before the monsoon season. If the fire can not be extinguished, it will be the largest in state history.

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